Friday, July 21, 2006

Meet The Murrays

Allow me to introduce myself...

no one, everywhere...

everyone, Boboa airstrip

someone, somewhere

Bonti, somwhere

someone, Ogia

someone, Kewe

'Wolf', that village across Kewe

someone, Boboa

Linzon, somewhere

Sep Galeva, Kubud village

no one, Camp Awekaim

Amele and everyone, Camp Awekaim

Juni and someone, Boboa airstrip

Jasper and someone, Kubud village

someone from Cus Cus, Camp Awekaim

someone, Camp Awekaim

no one, Kewe

no one, Usukof

Jasper and Murray, Kewe

someone, Camp Awekaim

everyone, Boboa

Waza, Usukof village

someone, Camp Awekaim

... nice to meet you. Lukim yu behain.

'Meet The Murays' by chi too

shot entirely in Lake Murray, Papua New Guinea
between 22 April to 22 May twentyzerosix

black and white film processing by 'foto pak tai'

black and white photo printing by chi too
printed on 'Ilford Multigrade IV Gloss Paper'

much thanks and love to:

Sep Galeva, Amele Imalal, Samuel, Brian, Peter, Linzon, Bonti, Gafuri, Susan & everyone at Lake Murray; Tia, Cathy, Vienn, Luke, Cally, Pook, Reza, Xiao, Bossman Matt, Kyoko, Pip, Petteri, Anne, and all GFRS volunteers. Life in the lake and PNG was so much better with ya'll around
Greenpeace South East Asia, Greenpeace Asia Pacific, Foundation for People and Community Development PNG, Top, Grant, and all you GP people. Thanks for making this happen.
And everyone else who have in some way made this a much more pleasant and life enriching experience. Do forgive me if I've missed anyone out, this list would just go on forever if I include everyone.

peace, love, and solidarity...

photos in this series are available for sale. each photo is limited to 5 prints with numbers 2 to 5 available for sale. all black and white prints are handprinted on gloosy fiber based black and white photo paper.
photos are 12"x18" and 16"x16" in size. larger prints are available upon request.images are also available in a digital format for publishing and other purposes.
drop an email to the photographer at


Blogger tiaramaskara said...

Chi you are truly unique...I wonder if you realise how much i
adore you! I'll just have to keep telling you. May the forest be with you.

love life and laughter
Tia and the tin lids

3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anne said...


They are beautiful!! I'll put the link on my weblog!



2:59 PM  

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