Monday, December 12, 2005

Monsoon Conversations


we need to talk...

... I hope you're fine with that.


Monsoon Conversations by chi too

shot entirely in pulau redang, terengganu, Malaysia.

black and white film processing by 'foto pak tai'

black and white photo printing by chi too
printed on 'Ilford Multigrade IV Fiber Paper'

colour film processing and printing by 'foto seagull'
printed on 'Kodak Professional Digital Paper'

special thanks to:

-fellow volunteers; jinli, suyin, & kian hong.

-SEATRU research assistants & staff; pei chek, nazri, & lin.

-prof. chan eng heng for a job well done with SEATRU and your amazing warmth and hospitality.

-gary 'lola deephouse' la' faber for your unconditional support and the gift of the b/w enlarger.

photos in this series are available for sale. each photo is limited to 5 prints with numbers 2 to 5 available for sale. all black and white prints are handprinted on matte black and white photo paper, while colour/cross processed photos are printed on archival quality matt/gloss photo paper.
photos are 12"x18" and 16"x16" in size. larger prints are available upon request.images are also available in a digital format for publishing and other purposes.
drop an email to the photographer at


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